Google ad words

A Google ad word is an online advertising service developed by Google on 23rd-Oct-2000 to advertise on Google. 

Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid for certain keywords so that their clickable ads appear in Google’s search results, for these advertisers have to pay for the clicks.

When a user searches on Google for a particular term, Based on user search Google shows a list of searches for you. and if you examine clearly, you can see that the top and bottom results are Ads.

Types of Google Ads

  1. Search Network [Showing on Google Search Page]
  2. Display Network [Showing on Websites, Apps…]
  3. Video [Showing on YouTube]
  4. Shopping campaign
  5. App Campaign

Search Ads:

Search ads showing on Google Search Page. When someone searches on Google for a particular term, like ‘hotels in Hyderabad’, Google would throw a list of searches for you. But if you look closely, you will notice that the top results are generally ads.

Below I am showing the example for Search Ads

Search Ads

Below I am showing the search ads as well as the organic result

Search, Organic

Google considers so many factors before displaying, which ad to show first. Google showing the ads based on Keywords, Budget, Target Location, Bidding, and Target Audience…

The Ad Words program allows Businesses to set a budget for advertising and pay only when people click on ads.


Display Ads:

Display ads are nothing but advertising on the website or apps. While reading a post on some websites, you can see the ads in some different places on the page.

Below I am showing an example for display ads using Eenadu paper

Display ads


Google considers so many factors before displaying. Google showing the ads based on Keywords, interest, Target Location, and Target Audience…


Video Ads:

This type of ad allows advertisers to run video ads on YouTube and other Google Display networks.

Uses with Video Ads:

Reach Targeted Audiences

Reach to more people

Here We can predict the result like views, clicks, reach, engagement… for your Ad.


Shopping campaign:

When it comes to generating Google Ads eCommerce revenue, the Shopping campaign is one of the most popular campaign types, but often the most ignored as well.

It is both the optimization part of the Shopping feed and the optimization part of the Google Shopping campaign that simply remains “as is” without any optimization. Hardly anyone goes beyond the standard Google Shopping campaign structure and really thinks about how you can improve performance by segmenting your search terms.

Smart Shopping is a new type of campaign for Google Shopping campaigns. However, unlike standard shopping campaigns, Smart Shopping uses machine learning and algorithms to automate offers and ad placements. Until now, Shopping campaign management has involved long and tedious work setting campaign priorities, product groups, offers, and negative keywords, but this work is not required with Smart Shopping.

This makes them perfect for smaller eCommerce business owners who simply don’t have time to run shopping campaigns effectively or efficiently.

Another key difference from standard Shopping campaigns is that, instead of just using the Shopping network, Smart Shopping campaigns use the Display, Gmail and YouTube networks as platforms to dynamically market products to customers. Google chooses when and where to display its ads on these platforms. There are no targets, audiences, or locations to set. The system is designed to show the right products in the right place to the right audience at the right time, based on the chances of ads turning into sales.