Off-page Optimization

What is Off-Page Optimization?


Off-Page Optimization:

Off-Page Optimization is a technique of Optimizing a website using different types of techniques. It is the work/process outside of your website, to increase the domain authority of a website by getting links (link-building) from other websites.

–>The important off-page ranking factor is backlinks pointing to your website. It’s useful to get backlinks from high authority websites in the search engine.


Backlinks are also called inbound links. Getting links from outside Domains.

  • Backlinks make a big impact on the prominence of a website in search engine results.
  • Getting backlinks is an essential component of Off-page SEO. The process of getting those links called as link-building.

3 Important Guidelines while doing link-building

  1. Quality is Important than Quantity
  2. Generate links from different IP’s and Domains
  3. Always get links from high-quality sites with good PR, PA, DA

3 types of link buildings:

One Way link-building:

One Way link-building is the process of getting a link from another website without giving a link to that website. It works as follows ie; website “B” is getting a link from the website “A”. 

One way building

Two Way link-building (Reciprocal link-building):

Two Way link-building is also called as Reciprocal link-building. It works as follows website “A” gives a link to Website “B” and Website “B” gives a link to Website “A” (Link Exchanging).

Two way building

Three-Way link-building:

Here Website A gives a link to Website B and Website B gives a link to Website C and Website C gives a link to Website A.

Three way building

Off-Page Optimization Factors:

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While doing off-page SEO, you need to check Do-follow and No-follow links

No-follow links:

No-follow links are the links that do not count as a point in favor of the page, does not increase the PageRank. They are the links that only bring referral traffic to your website/webpage.

Some examples of the No-follow links are comments, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Sharing URL…

Those links look like

<a href=”” rel=”no follow”>DigitalabhyasaSEO</a>

Do-follow links:

Do-follow links are exactly opposite to the No-follow links. By doing off-page SEO with Do-follow websites like article submissions, directory submissions., you will get high authority backlinks and as well as referral traffic to your site.

Those links look like

<a href=””>Digitalabhyasa</a>

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