Instagram Story Polls

Unleash the Power of Instagram Story Polls for Your Business


In the past, Instagram was very basic and simple to use. You took a picture and posted it on the platform. However, Instagram has evolved, and it is one of the most widely- sought after social media platforms are primarily known for its stunning features and simple user interface. Business owners and creators of content have discovered innovative ways to use Instagram for enhancing brand visibility and awareness. One such innovation that has changed the way in which Instagram works is Instagram Stories that debuted in 2016.

Instagram Story Polls

Create a positive impact on your business

More and more people and businesses started to use Instagram Stories daily. Further updates to this feature have made it more engaging. One of the most popular updates to this feature is the addition of Instagram Polls. This feature is very simple for people to use, and it is a tool that has tremendous business potential too.

Instagram Story Polls boost user engagement

Instagram Story Polls entered into the market in 2017. This feature is simple for you to implement into a Story.  Here, you just need to add a sticker and customize the question that you wish to ask along with the questions. Though this feature is very simple for everyone to use, it carries the powerful potential to promote brand visibility in the market. It helps you to engage your followers and take your business to a new level. Moreover, if you visit social media experts and tell them stormlikes, they will suggest you use Instagram Story Polls for your business.

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Why Instagram Story Polls?

Note with an Instagram Story Poll; your audience gets the chance to speak. You are giving them a platform to voice or express their opinion. This helps you to engage followers with your content actively. You can also gather valuable insights that help you shape future strategies. In short, active engagement is the motive. If someone takes time out to answer the questions in the poll, they have shown interest. They check whether they are in the majority of the polls. If you, as a business owner, can correctly use them, you effectively are able to create a stronger bond with your audience.

Another reason why Instagram Story Polls are popular is that they do not take much time for you to set it up. You need minimum effort to set them up; however, when it comes to planning your questions and answers, keep the needs of your business in mind. Create questions and answers that give you feedback about your product. Check on what is trending in the market and take inspiration from them to create your set of questions and answers. Make sure you research well and use soft selling skills in your Instagram Story Poll. In this way, you can optimize follower engagement and take your business to the next level. These Instagram Story polls are ideal for both big and large businesses, so you should optimize them to the largest extent!

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