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The Ultimate Guide For Google AdWords Keyword Match Types

Google ADwords

Keywords are words + Phrases that you select for each AD Group.

Keyword Match Types:

Match types tell Google how much “Freedom” they have when pairing your keyword with search Queries.
You can select broad match type, modified broad match type, phrase match type, or exact match type for your keyword match type when bidding on a keyword in your PPC Campaign

Match TypeSymbolExample KeywordAds can show WhenExample Query
Broad MatchNoneLeather Desk ChairSynonyms Variants Related Search Office
Broad Match Modified+Keyword+leather +desk +chaircontains modified term+other term in any orderFree leather desk chairs
Phrase Match"Keyword"Leather Desk ChairEnclosed phrase with appended/prep ended textbuy leather desk chair
Exact Match[Keyword][Leather Desk Chair]Exact term/phrase enclosed in bracketsLeather Desk Chair
Negative-Keyword-leatherSearches without the negative termdesk chairs online

Broad Match:

It’s a Default Match Type. It Captures the most clicks and impressions use with extreme caution and care.

Broad Match KeywordAd may show on searches for
Leather Desk ChairFree desk chairs, office furniture, desk chairs, used desk chairs
Wood Corner Deskcorner office for rent, plastic desk, corner desk, wood corner desk for sale

spend less time building a keyword list.
Strategy can work with a larger R&D budget.
Cheapest CPC in most cases.

Spend tons of money very fast on bad clicks
Will get a lot of irrelevant clicks/traffic
Low CTR Can hurt your Quality Score

Broad Match Modifier:

Use the +symbol to cut out related synonyms and terms. Still, it can generate a lot of bad links for irrelevant Queries. The query must include all your modified terms, necessarily in that order with additional terms that are not modified.

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KeywordAd show like
+leather +desk +chairleather desk chair for sale, picture of chairs desk and leather couches
+leather +desk chairDesk with leather inlays, desk chair made of leather


Improved CTR Over Broad Match

Cheaper CPC than Phrase and Exact Match


Don’t think this will get you out of negative keywords

If the order of your keywords is important don’t use Broad Match Type(Use Phrase Match)

It can be a Challange to generate a good CTR which can generate a negative impact on your Quality Score.

Phrase Match:

The ad appears for Searches containing your exact keyword with additional words/phrases before/after your keyword. Still, it can generate a lot of bad clicks for irrelevant Queries.

Phrase MatchAd ShowsAd not show
"Leather desk chair"Buy leather desk chair onlineBuy leather chairs online
"Office Accessories"Images of office accessoriesAccessories office
"Extra Padded Chairs"Extra Padded chairs for freePadded chairs with extra padding

Exact Match:

The Ad will only show for Queries containing your exact keyword without any additional words/phrases appended/prepended. Exact match can generate the highest CPC’s and CTR’s.

Exact MatchAds may show on searchesAd will not show for
[Leather Desk Chair]Leather Desk ChairsBuy Leather Desk Chair
[Office Accessories]Office AccessoriesOffice Accessories for sale online
[Extra Padded Chairs]Extra Padded ChairHigh Quality Extra Padded Chair

Optimizing the Google Ads / AdWords  Keyword match types is crucial because it enables you to reach your target audience while avoiding unnecessary expense on irrelevant clicks.

Tools for Keyword Research:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu
  • Google Suggestions
  • Google Related Searches

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