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Complicated Relationship between Social Media and SEO


Social media marketing and SEO have now become two sides of a coin. Both focus on making an identity over the web to attract visitors.

These two are fields of digital marketing, and for a company to successfully achieve online presence, it needs to spread its wings all over the two areas. They are both complicated and complimentary at the same time, as will be revealed in this article. Let’s define critical terms:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

It related to creating awareness for your brand and emerging top of the funnel. It almost related to search and get web traffic via search engine ranking. The truck should be from natural or editorial and in an organic way.

Social media marketing:

It refers to building networks, connecting, and having traffic from social media platforms. Some popular social media networks include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You’re having some trouble deciding between the two, which to invest in and use more, remember the following: Social media is for people, and SEO is for computers.
There are some similarities between Social Media and Search Engines:

Critical brand touch points:

basic psychology figuring out where a customer would go to check out a company’s credentials:

  • Heading on to Google search and checking them out.
  • Checking their social media handles

It’s easy to tell whether a company is genuine just by peeking into their social media handles. The same applies to a company’s search rankings on Google if they appear at the bottom of the list or don’t appear at all, it paints a very tainted picture of the brand, and that could tarnish your company’s image.

Greatly renown internet entry points:

shocking revelations about Google is that it processes over 3.5 billion searches every day. True to the fact that both social and search digital marketing strategies are complementary, nearly 3.48 billion people are active social media users. Numbers don’t lie; that’s why a brand must put in as much work in social just as in search. Also, most people head to these two places for information, and you could use that avenue to your benefit.

They both answer questions:

It is the primary reason why both Search Engines and Social media exist to answer questions. Whether you input keywords or the entire semantic question in hopes of getting an answer, either will do the trick. The only difference is that social media doesn’t necessarily answer you in the same fashion as a search engine does – direct Q/A format, but
it satisfies a form of curiosity that we log on to fulfil.

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Essential differences between social and search:

Types of formats used with the content:

Media loves visuals. Anything visual right from images to videos will do exceptionally well on social streams. But there’s a catch; the pictures must be of high quality and look professional. That coupled up with a catchy, emotional caption will be sure to go viral. Search engines, the long-form text does well. According to Google, the average page that is ranked high contains about 1500+ words. Search engines love Wikipedia because of the detailed articles. Also, SEO Tips, complete, intriguing headlines do just the trick.

How long before results are visible:

Social media, growing a following, takes both patience and work. Retaining an audience is an even more difficult task because you must maintain the quality of content produced. However, when you post a picture on your social media channel, results are almost instant. Search engines, the traffic flow is usually slow and unsure. Often, it takes years for a site to build enough following and even longer to get subscribers to your site updates via email. Thus, getting internet relevance is often an uphill task.

The durability of the success:

Media requires consistent effort to please your audience. If you are slow in posting and are not online often, you will most certainly lose your following, and that cannot be any good. The response is quick, and success is short-lived.
On the other hand, in search engines, once a page is ranked, it will have certain benefits like having durable visibility, establishing a continuous, passive source of visitors. High SEO ranking may go on for months or even years.


Some points mentioned above may lead you to believe that one digital marketing strategy beats the other. But that’s not true, well not entirely. Looking at these two strategies from a complementary point of view is beneficial for you; having the two work for you is the best strategy. Also, you need to think about the SSL certificate because Google has announced to use SSL for better ranking. Many SSL providers offer different SSL certificates, for example, a cheap SSL wildcard certificate for multiple subdomains; security. Try and fuse the two; they work better as a pair.

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  1. Social Media and SEO are related in sense like, more presence on social media would make a strong backlink and would take more traffic into the site using social media marketing.

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