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Processes to Pair Instagram And Email Marketing Perfectly

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It is only when you combine the power of email and Instagram you will be able to drive more followers and engagement. This combination will help you in different other aspects that will, on the whole, ensure a better and more effective email marketing results. It will help you to create emails that the users will love to receive, open, and read.

Research says that marketers love both email marketing and Instagram, but most of them use it separately. They will seldom combine these two ‘loves.’ Correlates research found that:

  • Only 14% of marketers use Instagram posts in their email marketing strategies and
  • Marketers use less than 3% of their time to leverage their Instagram posts for email marketing.

This means that marketers fail to drive more impressions and engagement through their email marketing campaigns. On the other hand, the research found that combining email marketing and Instagram results in an increase in the rate of engagement on any given site by the followers for Instagram by at least seven times.

Therefore, make sure that you know how best you can use your Instagram posts in email marketing so that you can unearth the immense opportunities provided by the visuals used in your email marketing campaigns.

The benefits and opportunities:

You will enjoy several benefits down the road making such an integration. However, if you are a first-timer, you may be a bit apprehensive about integrating email marketing with Instagram. However, that may not be necessary if you follow the right steps and know about the several benefits that you may enjoy.

A little bit of research will raise your interest and clear all your doubts away. You will understand the significance and value of such integration and also know about the different brands that have been using their IG posts with emails and are being benefitted by a considerable extent. This includes:

• Driving more engagement and attention from the consumers even if the competition seems to be growing
• Encouraging the email subscribers to take more action and in a more significant manner and
• Using both to the fullest potential to ensure that the users have an enriched experience.

This email-based experience will encourage the highly engaged audience to interact with the brand as well as the site.

Marketers now find it easy to overcome the challenges in digital marketing. They find easier and more effective solutions to it and are also able to sub-divide their services under different heads.

The easy ways:
You can make your email marketing more promising and effective by following some easy ways to integrate Instagram with it. The masses will like this partnership, but you will have to make sure that you create the best pair.

You must follow the inspirational editorial styled imagery to drive more engagement. There are some tools that will help you to buy more Instagram followers. However, implementing email marketing will further help you to better your lead generating campaigns and more acquisition.

The primary objective of such a pairing is to generate more email sign-ups. The easiest ways to do so are:

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• Ensuring that the users have an excellent reason to sign up to your email list
• Finding out your ideal audience and create your emails according to their liking, even if it needs some personalization
• Including at least one link to your current email list in the bio section of your Instagram account.

Lastly, you must ask your prospective users to sign up for your email list. You will find it easier to do so if you use your Instagram posts.

Reasons to incorporate Instagram with email marketing:

A research report by Movable ink reveals that pairing email marketing and Instagram extends the reach of the emails to consumers. It helps the marketers to create and offer more relevant content.

It is for this reason, the research found that, more than one-third of the marketers are merging the two platforms to get the best of two worlds. However, there is an alarming fact that Movable Ink research has also found. It states that most of the integrations made are fundamental. The report shows that:

• 76% of emails include only social media button and
• Only 14% of them are optimized using Instagram images.

Alarming as it may, the numbers also reveal some other essential facts, which are the reasons you should incorporate email and Instagram. The reasons are:

• Instagram is an untapped treasure chest for images and
• All Instagram images are not created equal.

This means that you will find a lot of images to use in your emails, but remember that relevance is the key here to make it your most powerful asset.

Ways to choose:
In order to enhance the prospects of email marketing, you should use Instagram, blogging, and social media proportionately. This will ensure that you reach your target audience on every platform more convincingly.

Using Instagram, you should create quality leads to incite interest among the readers as well as increase the rate of engagement among your users at the same time. For this you can:

• Include a link under each photo to click and win a coupon and
• Use proper and relevant hashtags to connect the interested people with a specific topic or keyword group.

These two methods will help you to gain more Instagram followers and maximize the impact of your emails to ensure better results.

Summing it up
Integrating Instagram with emails will enable you to overcome the challenges that most of the marketers find in generating leads and enhance the engagement levels. Extensive email integration with IG will help you to create exciting and engaging emails as well.

Select a theme that is relevant and seasonal so that it resonates with your users. This will ensure that you create more structured emails that will have all the elements that will give your users a good enough reason to sign up on your email list. Most importantly, loop your emails so that you can connect with your customers effectively, providing them with a better solution to their problems.

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