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Free Classified Submission Sites List in India 2022

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In the digital world, classifieds are a must to get good rankings in local search optimization for Google or in social search engine results. You can increase potential customers by creating more ads on classified submission sites and getting backlinks to your website. Simply put, it helps boost your business, as more links to your website mean more business coming your way.

With the help of classified ad submission sites, it has become very easy to promote your product or service. This is because you can easily target your potential customers online by submitting your product or service classified ad through this platform and creating a virtual nest for your business.

Posting ads on the classified sites list is a part of off-page SEO and all businesses are required to do this off-page SEO activity. On some websites, you can also get a backlink, which is one of the reasons why a website ranks at the top of SERP. Posting FREE ads on high DA and PA classified sites gives you an edge for a business. There are some paid classified sites that are also available online.

If you want to increase the traffic and ranking of your websites in Google and other search engines, this list of ranked submission sites will help you to increase your website backlinks and also improve DA, PA, and Moz ranking. of your site.

What are Classified Submission Sites?

Classified Submission is the process of posting your advertising campaign on classified ad submission sites. It is one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your product or service in other search engines.

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Classified submission sites are the sources where you can post ads for your products/services to promote them. The traditional source of classified ad submissions were newspapers, brochures, magazines, etc. However, in the online world, people live in digital marketing. Also, technology is the main ingredient of the digital world, which is why the need for classifieds submission sites has increased rapidly in recent years.

Prime Benefits of Classified Ads:

  • Classified ads are easy to use
  • Classified ads are Mostly free of cost
  • Reaching out globally
  • To increase high traffic

Points to remember while performing classified ad submission:

  • Choose the best free classified submission site
  • Give an attractive title
  • Give a short product description
  • Select the right category
  • Give an attractive Image
  • Add Keywords and links
  • Finally, share your ads on your social media pages to get high traffic


List of Classified Submission Sites:

Classified SitesPADA

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