Why Link Building Should Still Be An SEO Priority

Link Building SEO

Are you looking for the best link building services?

Well, you must.

Even in 2019, link building is of paramount importance in SEO.

Hence, to fetch higher rankings in the search engine results and to bring more traffic to your website, it is vital to practice link building.

Still not convinced? Just check it!

Significance of Link Building in SEO

According to research by BrightLocal, 83% of SEO marketers believe that link building is important to gain web traffic.

Even, Google’s announcement for backlinks confirms links as one of the imperative ranking signals.

It is because links help search engines to crawl the pages of your site. Even, it helps them to display relevant search results to the users.

And this is not it! Here is more to why link building is important in SEO.

  • Links bring trust
  • Links bring power
  • Links point to rich content

But link building has evolved over the years and it is not the same as it was in the previous years.

Link Building in 2019

In comparison to preceding years, in 2019 Google prefers only high-quality links relevant to your website’s industry or niche.

By high-quality links we mean the links that belong to websites with high authority.

Links from high authority websites bring more PageRank to your site. They are tough to get, but worth the effort.

However, it is not worth gaining powerful links if they don’t belong to your niche. They will not bring any gains.

Hence, to benefit from link building in 2019, it is vital to maintain the authority and relevancy of your website’s backlinks.

Link Building

So, how is it possible to bring high-quality links to your website?

We will surely discuss the same in this post.

But before that let us quickly discuss some important aspects that you must take into consideration while practicing link building in 2019.

Google’s Guidelines on Link Building – Bad Links vs. Good Links

Links built for your customers or business must be relevant and connect them with valuable content. This will keep your users happy.

If your users are happy, Google will position you high in the search engine rankings and ultimately your business will benefit and grow.

Just remember, you build only natural links and they must not manipulate Google’s search algorithm in any way.

Links that intend to manipulate the website’s ranking in search results or PageRank are believed to violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines or be a part of a link scheme. It even includes behavioral practices, which manipulates links to and from your website.

Bad Links vs Good Link

It is all about user focus, relevancy, and quality.

Hence, avoid practicing techniques like:

  • Bad link building – Building thousands of low-quality links
  • Reciprocal linking – Excessive link exchange from one or more websites
  • Guest Posting or Article Marketing – Links with excessively optimized anchor text in press releases, posts or articles distributed on other websites.
  • Links from Web Directory – Adding your website to any web directory with an aim to gain a backlink
  • Spammy Blog Comments and Forums – Blog comments or forums with optimized links
  • Buying Links – It directly breaches Google’s Webmasters guidelines for links.

Not All Links are the same

‘The more you do, the better it is,’ does not hold true for link building.

Having fewer links of high-quality can fetch incredible SEO results than having thousands of low-quality links.

Risky or weak backlinks are not good for rankings. In fact, they can lead to loss of organic traffic and Google penalties.

The point to understand is that all links are not the same.

  • Check for types of links like No Follow, Frames, Follow, Redirects, and more
  • Check for subdomains, root domains, domains, and linking pages.
  • Check for trust and power links to bring.
  • Check for the number of links per month.
  • Check for linking keywords ‘brand’ or ‘money.’
  • Check for risk associated with links.

These and other factors need to be evaluated depending on the individual website and case. Based on the domain or industry, a link can be good or bad.

Unfortunately, there is no generic rule. Hence, we suggest hiring reliable link building services in order to get the best results.

By now you’ve got an idea of what not to do in link building in 2019.

Let us tell you link building techniques and strategies, which work in 2019 and can bring your website enormous benefits. 

Content Marketing for Link Building – What You Need to Do This Year

Content can actually unlock amazing backlinks for your website.

But simply publishing content is not enough.

There are certain kinds of content, which work best to generate high-quality links.

  • List Posts

Numbered or bullet list of techniques, benefits, reasons, tips, myths, and more work great.

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Buzz Sumo monitored 1 million articles and found list posts generated the maximum number of backlinks than other formats of content.

List posts are easy to read, understand, and let users gain an in-depth idea of the content in a glance. Just pick any list post and you can see the value it offers over other content pieces.

  • Visual Formats

Infographics, diagrams, charts, images, and other visual content pieces work great to gain qualitative links.

Visuals are appealing and even easier to link to.

For example, when you publish a graph on your website, you gain a link every time the graph is shared.

Consider a real-life example of this infographic, On-Page SEO – Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page, which is published a few years ago. To date, it has been linked to thousands of links.

Might be such links were not achievable if the content is displayed in the textual format.

  • Comprehensive Guides

A guide with in-depth details about a subject, which holds everything one needs to know about a particular topic, is a rich resource.

Such guides contain an insane volume of information in one place, which makes it a highly valuable resource for the readers.

  • Original Data

Content showcasing relevant data from the latest surveys, studies, and original research are highly linkable.

When anyone cites such data, they link to it. One rich example of this is the Backlinko’s post published in 2018 – The Largest Google Ranking Factors Study Ever.

Email Outreach for Building Powerful Links – How it Works

Email outreach is a great way to build white hat links this year. For this, you have to reach out to bloggers without ending up in spam emails.


  • Discover likely linkers, which are websites that might want to link to you.
  • Dig email addresses of likely linkers using a tool like an io.
  • Use VoilaNorbert to directly enter the name of a person and domain they are working at.
  • Scale outreach by sending personalized messages via emailing the client’s mail merge feature.


Advanced Link Building Strategies For Success in 2019 and Beyond

So, besides content marketing and email outreach, what else you can do to get powerful, high-authority links?

Simply, practice these advanced techniques!

  1. Identify Common Backlinks of Your Competitors

When you research your competitors, you will notice there are still some easy opportunities for high-quality backlinks, which you have not got. Monitor these backlinks and try to earn them.

You can use the Common Backlinks Tool in this context. It is an easy to use tool that lets you discover competitor’s techniques and sources as well.

2. Turn Your Brand Mentions into Links

Online brand mentions is an effective technique for building reputation and links.

Turning such mentions into links bring benefits like:

  • Smooth link generation
  • Relating to communities and groups interested in your brand
  • Generating organic traffic

It is great as you don’t have to put in any effort or hard work to generate such links.

Brand mentions can be event postings on Instagram or posting about your brand service on Facebook, and more.

Google Alerts is an excellent tool to get daily alerts about your brand mentions. Or, use a social monitoring tool such as Brand24.

3. Share Posts Around Expert Roundups

Building content around popular roundups can help you earn links for your website.

A great example of this is the study on how Machine Learning and AI impacted the PPC campaign, which delivered great results.

The reason behind is that most of the experts shared and even link back to this post.

4. Recover Dead Backlinks

There might be dead or broken links pointing to your site. They usually occur when a webmaster misspells your link or location of your pages change. As a result, they lead to ‘404 error not found.’

The best way out is to identify such links and redirect them to live pages. The Link Juice Recovery Tool is an excellent tool to find backlinks on your website, which leads to error 404.

With the help of this tool, you may also detect errors 504 and errors 403.

5. Create Blogs with Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is one that remains useful to the audience for an infinite time period. They work great to generate inbound links.

Evergreen content can be in various formats, like:

  • Lists
  • EBooks
  • How-to posts
  • Tutorials

Make sure your post is SEO optimized to earn lots of clicks and links.

Summing Up

You see, link building holds a strong presence in SEO in 2019. The key to success is by gaining qualitative links with high authority and relevance.

But since the market is extremely competitive, so trying these strategies alone may not deliver the desired results. Hence, it is best to hire link building services from a reputed SEO agency.

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