Write Like You Talk: 5 Tips For Creating Interactive Content

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Creating Interactive Content: You are in awe when you see any of your favourite celebrities or a public figure talking.

Talking or speaking has a different effect as compared to written words. But what if you can write as you talk? People will be in awe of your content.

When we write content, it is not easy to instantly connect with the readers. It is a fact that readers get engaged with the voice, intonation, and tone of your language. What you are targeting here is the “inner reading voice” of the readers.

Interacting with them and making them part of the written content is essential.

When the content is conversational, it becomes personal and less academic.

What is interactive content? And how do you create it? 

Here are 5 handy tips for creating transformational and interactive content:

Ask Engaging Questions

What is the color of your eyes?

Take a second!

Most probably, your mind has created an image of your eyes, and you are ready to answer. You started visualizing your eyes for a second, and this question grabbed your attention. 

When there are questions in your content, the efficiency increases significantly!

Questions give your readers a feel of the conversation. Questions show that you are talking to your readers and not through them. Questions are a great way to hold the reader’s attention.

So when you pose a question, your brain only thinks about that question, and it cannot contemplate anything else.


Jab With Short Sentences

Why should you favor short sentences?

When the sentence is long, your mind must process more ideas until you put all the words together. When you read anything, you might have noticed that longer sentences are complicated as they contain a lot of prepositional phrases and subordinate clauses. This means the reader must do more mental processing to understand the sentence.

The longer the sentence, the harder it is to read!

The ideal way to write is 15 or 10 words per sentence.

But the irony here is that when you throw jabs through short sentences, you become too predictable, and the readers might lose interest in your content.


Create A Thrill Of Questions

Instead of directly telling the reader about what you do and expressing your opinions, you can state your point by putting relevant questions forward.

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For instance, if you are writing an article on a volunteer experience that you have had, you can ask questions like:

Do you find it challenging to find time to become a volunteer?

Are you struggling with your day-to-day routine?

The aim here is to trigger the reader’s connection with the topic you are writing on and talk about the questions they might have thought of relating to the subject.


Start Your Sentences With A Conjunction

Many experienced writers believe that it is not right to start your sentences with a conjunction but to be honest, this is just a rule taught to us in school!

It is a fact that some of the most enticing sentences begin with a conjunction, as this depicts that we are writing something just in the way we would be talking about it.

However, while doing this, it is crucial to ensure that the conjunctions are followed with an independent clause to make sure that it can stand alone as a sentence.


Watch The Voice And Tone

How you write is one of the most crucial elements to consider. If you want your prospects to relate with you, they must hear you. They listen to you through your voice and tone. Whatever you write and post about your brand, your brand’s voice comes through it; sometimes, the tone might be stronger than the other times.

You will not sound authentic if no one hears your voice or you don’t have the appropriate tone for the situation. Your brand’s voice has to take shape as a relatable person! The goal is to engage your reader’s heart with your words and the emotion that is put forward through your words.



Being professional with your writing is important, but it is also essential to connect with your audience. Your content is a reflection of your expertise and authority. Proofread your content to ensure it seamlessly flows through the readers’ minds. You must write in a way so that the readers easily connect with you.

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