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A Complete Guide to Google Search Console

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With the growing online competition nowadays, billions of websites are available in the internet space. As millions of websites are popping up in the web space to meet different online requirements of the site, driving traffic to them for a higher engagement is essential. Another factor that determines the traffic’s engagement is a reliable web hosting infrastructure. Dedicated servers are the best ones to accommodate more traffic. However, you must try before buy managed dedicated servers.

Such servers enhance the website’s performance in search results. But have you ever thought that many websites on Google are not visible (indexed)? So, what is the remedy available to bring Google’s attention to your website? This is where Google Search Console (GSC) comes into the picture. Basically, it is a free platform to index your web page content and make it visible in Google search results.

Remember that Google is a popular search engine worldwide, with billions of websites indexed. If these websites Get ultra-secure domain hosting, the indexing process will be easier, and indexed articles will have more engagement followed by traffic.

Hence, we have brought this a complete guide highlighting all relevant information related to the Google Search Console. Continue reading to know more about the same.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google has made a way for web developers to be publishers who make websites live and build their online presence. This is called Google Search Console, a cost-free web service that monitors the overall site health and performance relative to Google search.

This platform comprises different metrics and features to enhance user experience, improve website owners’ sites, and generate more traffic.

Moreover, if you want to communicate with Google to highlight security issues or any of its vulnerabilities, this platform has the feature to bridge this communication channel. As a result, Google Search Console is helpful for web content publishers.

Google Search Console: Key features

  • Monitoring, indexing and crawling of the web page content.
  • Identifying and fixing indexing errors.
  • Gives an overview of search results.
  • Accepting indexing requests of published pages.
  • Reviewing internal and external links.

How Can I Add Website to Google Search Console?

First, sign in to the Google account, and you need to have a business account for the same if you want to index a business portal.

  • Navigate to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Choose the “Add a property” option.
  • Click on “Website” from a drop-down menu and enter your website’s URL. Ensure that you enter the right URL with the proper domain name and TLDs
  • Click “Continue.”
  • Then, you have to verify whether this website is valid or not (Upload HTML files, put HTML tags, GA tracking code)
  • Finally, check whether your URL supports both http:// and https://, or not. Also, you need to add one domain name in it so that there will be no problem in indexing.

Once done with the above steps, Google will start crawling your site and indexing it.

Who is Google Search Console ideal for?

Many digital marketing specialists use this Google platform to index their websites or web content. But there is no hard and fast rule that only such professionals can use the Google search Console. so, no matter whether you are a newbie or an advanced user, GSC paves an easy way to track your website’s performance and gain valuable insights into its performance.

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This platform allows users to see areas for improvement and enhance their online visibility. Different technical aspects are involved, like crawling, optimization errors and many more that need to be fixed. Or else, the web page content will not get indexed and hamper your online rankings. Hence, to get more impressions through indexed articles, use GSC.

This platform also has the feature to notify you instantly whenever new issues need to be resolved. It will keep you on top in terms of SEO optimization.

1.     Site administrators

They use GSC to monitor and resolve a wide range of optimization issues like site load issues, server errors, security problems, malware, hacking, and much more.

2.     Business owners

Optimizing business sites are essential to generate traffic, leads, and the revenue. Hence, biz owners optimize their websites for Google and other search engines.

3.    Web developers

Web developers can resolve syntax issues in the HTML code of web page. Suppose they come across common issues developers encounter with markup language. Thus, using GSC, they can rectify errors in structured data, etc.

4.     SEO Specialists/Marketers

With the help of GSC, digital marketers are able to make more informed decisions about how to improve their website’s appearance in Google search results. Also, this tool will help them track traffic to their website and optimize their rankings.

Now, after reading the entire features of GSC, let us overview on some of its benefits.

Key Advantages of the GSC

1.     Improve Your Website’s Search Appearance

Having a better search engine rank is the top-most priority in the digital marketing strategy. Therefore, Google Search Console enhances your website’s search appearance and gives an overview about what your pages look like in Google’s search engine results page, also known as SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

When it comes to your websites’ appearance, ensure that URL, meta tags, site links and other information are correct. Thus, GSC has all metrics to highlight if there are any flaws in them.

2.     Enhances organic search traffic

While focusing on digital marketing measures, you should not overlook on popular search engine queries. Focus on top-ranking pages and enhance websites’ traffic in no time. With the help of GSC you get valuable metrics where there is a scope of improvement to boost the traffic and engagement.

3.     Understand Google’s Index

After publishing the web page content, you also need to figure out whether it is indexed or not. You can use this tool to track the number of your website pages on Google search engine results. Monitor all URLs that are indexed or not and build your online presence.

In a nutshell, this tool enhances your optimization results and give a productive outcome.

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