Article Submission

Top 50+ Free Article Submission Sites List 2020

What is Article Submission? Article submission refers to the submission of your website-related content on different websites. Article submission websites help you improve the ranking of your website in search engines. Article Submission is one of the most important techniques in off-page SEO. If you want to get high rank in Search Engine’s like Google, Bing, […]

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PPT Submission sites

Free PPT Submission Sites List 2020

Do you know PPT(PowerPoint) is a slide show program created by Microsoft. Microsoft designed PowerPoint software so that it allows customers to easily view and open PowerPoint files. PPT files end with .ppt extension.  PPT submissions sites have good value in link building (SEO). PowerPoints are easy to create and have more user-friendly features. A PowerPoint […]

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PDF Submission Websites

Top 30+ High DA PDF Submission Sites List 2020

PDF submission sites can be most useful to increase your website ranking on Google. The listed PDF submission website provides back-links and high-quality traffic to your website. Google will classify your PDF file just like normal web pages, spreading its content on the web. PDF submissions can also be used to republish your content in […]

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Image submission sites

Top 50+ High PA and DA Image Submission Sites List 2020

Free Image submission sites list for 2020: Image sharing sites are used to store your files like digital photos online. These websites allow some services such as uploading, sharing and managing images privately and publicly. You can promote your website with the use of Image Sharing Websites. By posting an informative image you will get […]

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Off-page Optimization

What is Off-Page Optimization?

Off-Page Optimization: Off-Page Optimization is a technique of Optimizing a website using different types of techniques. It is the work/process outside of your website, to increase the domain authority of a website by getting links (link-building) from other websites. –>The important off-page ranking factor is backlinks pointing to your website. It’s useful to get backlinks […]

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On-page Optimization

What is On-Page optimization?

On-Page Optimization: An on-page optimization technique is a technique which is used for optimizing the website according to SEO guidelines. It is the optimization of factors on a web-page (It includes both content and HTML code). On-Page Optimization elements are Website/Domain Name Website URL Keywords Title Tags Meta Tags Alt Tags Web-page Content Internal Links Page Load […]

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